Global Project

A film by Ivo Marques Ferreira, 2024

Genre: Historic drama / Thriller

Languages: Portuguese / Spanish / German

Subtitles: English or French or Luxemburgish

Format: Digital – 2K

Sound: 5.1

Duration: 6 x 45 min + 100 min film

Countries: Portugal, Luxembourg

Year: 2024



In the 1970s, across Europe, left-wing armed movements thrived: ETA in Spain, the IRA in Ireland, the Red Brigades in Italy, and the Baader-Meinhof Group in Germany. Portugal would have to deal with a similar phenomenon in the 1980s with the FP-25 (Popular Forces April 25th), a far-left organization defending the conquests of the 1974 Carnation Revolution, which ended 48 years of dictatorship. The organization gradually lost touch with the people it aimed to protect, and was dismantled by a massive police operation in 1984.


This film and six-episode series condense and fictionalize these events. In the vibrant and decadent city of Lisbon, we follow FP-25 members and the police officers chasing them. Rosa, an actress and single mother; Queiroz, her best friend; and Jaime, a disillusioned young soldier, all belong to the FP-25. Refusing to accept the defeat of their ideals, they must soon abandon everything and go undercover. On the other side of the barricade, Marlow, officer with a troubled personality, faces his first big mission against the organization. He and Rosa have been lovers, and he becomes obsessed with finding her while fulfilling his duty.



Script: Ivo Marques Ferreira & Helder Beja

Director: Ivo Marques Ferreira

DOP: Vasco Viana

1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller: Theo Theodorides

Art Director: Nuno Mello

Costume Designer: Lucha D’Orey

Make-up: Fabienne Adam

Editing: Sandro Aguilar


Cast: Jani Zhao, Rodrigo Tomás, José Pimentão, Isac Graça, Hugo Bentes, Alyne Fernandes, Magaly Teixeira, Hana Sofia Lopes, Nilton Martins.


Produced by O Som e a Fúria (Portugal) and Tarantula (Luxembourg).


Sales Agent: Match Factory



Ivo M. Ferreira was born in 1975. The son of a couple of actors, he studied at the António Arroio Art High School, the London Film School and the University of Budapest, all of which he left to travel. During a trip to China, he directed and produced his first documentary. In addition to Portugal, he has filmed in Angola, Indonesia and China. His filmography includes O ESTRANGEIRO [2010], ÁGUAS MIL [2009], VAI COM O VENTO [2009], FIOS DE FIAR [2006], SALTO EM BARREIRA [2004], À PROCURA DE SABINO [2003], SOIA DI PRÍNCIPE [2002], EM VOLTA [2002], ANGOLA EM CENA [2002] and O QUE FOI? [1998].